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CGIs: bmp2gif: convert bitmap to gif, color reduction, multiple dithering methods, cgi mode, command line mode. bmp2jpg: convert bitmap to jpeg or png or tiff, cgi mode, command line mode. button: create buttons on the fly using this fast cgi. counter: cgi keeps track of visitors with full statistics. Utilities: AllCalc: the tiniest calculator, financial, metric-imperial conversions, currency rates and much more... AllView: view, re-size, convert images, manage files, print. BMPToGIF Pro: convert images to gif, edit palette, re-size, crop, reduce colors. Web Stuff: Earth Animation Collection: a growing collection of Earth animated pictures, submit your own Start Page: use our start page when you surf, everything is there, search engines, news services, newspapers, kids links, weather, and more. Customize it to your liking...